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Clinical Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Research Areas: anatomy, dinosaurs, elephants, mastication
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My research interests and experience include the evolutionary patterns and functional morphology of cranial musculature and feeding systems in large herbivorous dinosaurs, mammals (e.g., elephants), and dicynodonts.
In my extensive work on ornithischian dinosaur jaw mechanisms and cranial morphology (both for my PhD dissertation research and beyond), I have implemented quantitative, qualitative, and illustrative muscle reconstruction techniques to analyze various muscle attachments and mechanical advantages.
In addition, I have used critical analysis of osteological traits to reconstruct musculature and jaw movements more accurately to assess the true diversity of
feeding mechanisms in herbivorous dinosaurs, both between and within subclades.
My studies have explored feeding apparatuses of other herbivorous vertebrates as well, such as the evolution of cranial mechanics in the early synapsid herbivores known as dicynodonts as well as the evolution of the craniomandibular apparatus and proboscis of elephants and their ancestors.
Additionally, I use dissection methods to write and illustrate detailed anatomical descriptions of craniofacial musculature of large herbivorous mammals, including elephants and rhinos.

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BS (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (with honors)) University of Kansas, 2009

PhD (Functional Anatomy and Evolution) Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2014