Laurel Redding, VMD-PhD candidate at Penn Vet

Monitoring Antibiotic Use in the Andes

Few people have studied antibiotic use on small farms in developing countries. Laurel Redding, VMD-PhD candidate, wanted to know more.

Penn Vet Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center

Where Research and Medicine Meet

Through clinical trials, Penn Vet's Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center develops novel therapeutics to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

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Penn Vet researchers study cell behavior at its new Center for Host-Microbial Interactions.

Center for Host-Microbial Interactions

Join us for the Microbial Communities in Health and Disease Symposium and special presentation by Carl Zimmer.

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Cretaceous Caretaker

Professor of anatomy Peter Dodson helps describe a possible nest of young dinosaurs overseen by a caretaker.

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New Bolton Center Farrier's shoes

No Hoof, No Horse

"As much as 80 percent of equine lameness originates within the horse’s hoof," says New Bolton Center farrier Pat Reilly. He should know.

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Confronting Ebola by looking at viral budding

Confronting Ebola by looking at viral budding

Penn Vet's Dr. Ronald Harty, associate professor of microbiology, identifies compounds that control hemorrhagic viruses.

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Distraction osteogenesis effective in helping canine patient

Growing Brody's Bone

One-year-old Brody had a nagging limp. Why? Dr. Kim Agnello discovered that his radius bone had never fully grown in.

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Penn Vet uses flourescent imaging tool

Making Cancer Glow

Penn Vet surgical teams are lighting up tumors, a technique developed by surgeon David Holt and Penn Med's Sunil Singhal.

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Learn what vet school entails with our Summer VETS program for both college and high school students.


Researchers at Penn Vet and Penn Med collaborate on developing an efficient cardiac gene transfer strategy using minimally invasive approach.

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