Fluid Therapy

A study led by Dr. Deborah Silverstein investigated the effects of IV fluids on blood circulation during spay and neuter surgeries on dogs.

Confronting Ebola

Confronting Ebola

Dr. Ron Harty works with Penn Vet's Imaging Core director Dr. Bruce Freedman to visualize Ebola's budding process.

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New Bolton Center nursing

Critical Care

Certified vet tech Kriste Halscheid cares for a New Bolton Center patient in the colic wing of our James M. Moran Jr. Critical Care Center.

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Oncology nurses at Ryan Hospital

Ryan Hospital Nurses Care

Nurses in Ryan Hospital's medical oncology service administer chemotherapy to a feline patient.

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Eva Jacobs, Penn Vet student and cheetah

Vital Signs

Second-year Penn Vet student Eva Jacobs spent the summer in Botswana with some unusual patients, including cheetahs.

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Laurel Redding, VMD-PhD candidate at Penn Vet

Monitoring Antibiotic Use in the Andes

Few people have studied antibiotic use on small farms in developing countries. Laurel Redding, VMD-PhD candidate, wanted to know more.

Confronting Ebola by looking at viral budding

Confronting Ebola by looking at viral budding

Penn Vet's Dr. Ronald Harty, associate professor of microbiology, identifies compounds that control hemorrhagic viruses.

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Learn what vet school entails with our Summer VETS program for both college and high school students.


Researchers at Penn Vet and Penn Med collaborate on developing an efficient cardiac gene transfer strategy using minimally invasive approach.

Veterinary Hospitals

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