Current Clinical Trials at Penn Vet

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Investigational Medication for Feline Chronic Kidney Disease and Anemia
Study evaluates a new investigational medication for anemia in cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD) active feline CKD chronic kidney disease cats anemia
Clinical Trial Using Immunotherapy For Dogs With Osteosarcoma
Dogs enrolled in this upcoming clinical trial will receive a HER2-targeting bacterial vaccine after amputation and chemotherapy. immunotherapy osteosarcoma Mason Cancer Studies canine cancer cancer active
Safety And Effectiveness Of Antibody Therapy For Dogs With Splenic Hemangiosarcoma
This trial evaluates the safety and effectiveness of an antibody therapy designed to inhibit VEGF and delay or prevent spread of hemangioscarcoma after surgery immunotherapy canine cancer canine hemangiosarcoma Mason Cancer Studies cancer hemangiosarcoma active
Clinical Trial for Dogs with Osteosarcoma
Assessing standard of care chemotherapy +/- a new oral medication for dogs with bone cancer chemo chemotherapy OSA cancer treatment active amputation leg amputation study research leg tumor sarcoma osteo bone bone tumor dog cancer cancer canine
Novel Therapeutic for Dogs with Cataracts
STUDY ON HOLD-A new plant-derived topical treatment to improve vision in dogs with cataract disease ophthalmologist vision blind eye active
Assessing a Cell-Based Therapy in Dogs with Arthritis
A new study for dogs with arthritis of the knee. Google arthritis active stem cell radio ad painful pain meds NSAIDs new study limping KYW joint pain clinical trial bad knees arthritis active
Use of Near-Infrared Imaging in Improving Surgical Accuracy in Canine Primary Lung Tumors
Penn Vet is conducting a study to determine if near-infrared imaging can improve the surgeon’s ability to see cancer and cancer margins during surgery to remove canine primary lung tumors. infrared imaging lung cancer in dogs active david holt clinical trial canine lung tumor
Use of Near-Infrared Imaging in Improving Surgical Accuracy for Canine Mammary Tumors
Penn Vet is conducting a study to determine if near-infrared imaging can improve the surgeon’s ability to see cancer and cancer margins during surgery to remove canine mammary tumors. active surgery breat cancer in dogs near-infrared imaging canine mammary tumor david holt
Use of Near-infrared Imaging in Surgical Accuracy for Feline Soft-Tissue Sarcomas
Penn Vet is conducting a study to determine if near-infrared imaging can improve the surgeon’s ability to see cancer and cancer margins during surgery to remove feline soft tissue sarcomas. active ryan surgery david holt infrared imaging feline soft tissue sarcoma
Comparing Two New Investigational Medications for Arthritis in Dogs
Comparing two new medications to NSAID or placebo Google arthritis active Rimadyl pain limping joint pain canine active
Trial of ALVAC® IL-2 Treatment in Cats with Feline Fibrosarcoma
Clinical trial evaluating surgery in combination with immunotherapy for cats with fibrosarcoma surgery tumor FSA vaccine cancer active
Desmopressin (DDAVP) for Dogs with suspected Mammary Carcinoma
Evaluating the effectiveness of a drug called desmopressin (DDAVP) when administered prior to and 24 hour post mastectomy active DDAVP desmopressin tumor mammary tumor mammary cancer carcinoma mammary carcinoma cancer
Re-directed Autologous T cell Therapy for drug resistant or refractory CD20+ B cell lymphoma
Immune cells (known as T cells) are taken from the peripheral blood, stimulated, expanded and genetically modified in the laboratory to express a surface receptor that recognizes B cells b-cell malignancies B-cell lymphoma Mason Cancer Studies mason immunotherapy canine lymphoma canine cancer cancer active
RNA-transfected CD40-B Cell Vaccines for Dogs With Newly Diagnosed Lymphoma
Determine whether a cell based vaccine can prevent the return of lymphoma after standard chemotherapy treatment. active Mason Cancer Studies lymphoma immunotherapy canine lymphoma canine cancer cancer
DOGhOUSE Quality of Life Study
Develop and validate a questionnaire for the impact of dog ownership on human quality of life. active behavior Quality of life dog behavior
Validation of the Reptile Brief Pain Inventory
A clinical trial designed to evaluate health and behavioral changes related to orthopedic disease in pet lizards VCIC skink painful orthopedic lizard healthy gecko fracture dragon bone active
Canine Cardiovascular-Renal Disorder Study
This study investigates dogs with possible cardiac dysfunction resulting from chronic kidney disease (called Type 4 cardiorenal (or Renocardiac) syndrome. active hypertension cardiovascular-renal disorder cardiac dysfunction kidney disease
Long term, clinical outcome of patellofemoral osteoarthritis in dogs with naturally occurring unilateral cranial cruciate ligament rupture
A clinical trial evaluating the outcome of dogs with knee joint arthritis due to the rupture of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament in one knee joint, then stabilized with the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) procedure VCIC TPLO tibial plateau leveling osteotomy osteoarthritis orthopedic ligament rupture knee joint cruciate tear cranial cruciate ligament CCL Agnello active
New Study for Dogs with Chronic Gastrointestinal Upset
We are currently enrolling dogs with signs of Canine Chronic Enteropathy, sometimes caused by Inflammatory Bowel Disease, in a clinical trial looking at the naturally occuring bacteria of the GI tract throughout treatment. weight loss vomiting VCIC PLE Inflammatory bowel disease IBD food sensitivity diarrhea chronic active
Evaluation of Silymarin in Canine Protein Losing Nephropathy
This pilot research study will evaluate the effect of giving dogs with PLN silymarin in combination with established standard medications. proteinuria kidney nephropathy active
Clinical Assessment of Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs with Fragmented Medial Coronoid Processes
PennVet is enrolling young dogs with elbow dysplasia for a study to assess and optimize the benefits of stem cell therapy following arthroscopic surgery for fragmented medial coronoid processes. elbow limping joint pain elbow pain Google arthritis active VCIC arthritis active
Effect of duration of red blood cell storage on transfusion-associated inflammation in dogs with IMHA and IMT
We propose to evaluate markers of inflammation, hemolysis, and endothelial activation in a randomized clinical trial in which dogs with primary immune-mediated hemolytic anemia and immune-mediated thrombocytopenia would receive fresh or old RBCs. active anemia blood type hemodyalisis IMHA IMT red blood cell thrombocytopenia transfusion
Supplement for Dogs with Splenic Hemangiosarcoma
In this trial, we will be comparing I’m-Yunity’s® effect on survival time and quality of life to the standard chemotherapy treatment. VCIC turkey tail mushroom splenic HSA spleen mushroom I’m-Yunity HSA hemangiosarcoma cancer alternative medicine active
Vitamin B12 in Cats with Lymphoma
Measuring Vitamin B12 and MMA levels in Cats Diagnosed with Lymphoma. VCIC cancer B12 active
Weight Loss in Cats with Cancer
Study evaluating body weight, muscle mass and inflammatory markers in cats with cancer. cancer Cancer Cachexia active
Study of Protein-losing Enteropathy/Nephropathy, Addison’s disease and Renal Disease in Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers
Study recruiting both Wheaten Terriers and other breeds of dogs afflicted with inflammatory bowel disease, protein losing enteropathy, protein losing nephropathy, Addison’s disease or juvenile renal disease/dysplasia. Wheaten Terrier active
Study of Lyme Nephritis and Protein-losing Enteropathy/Nephropathy in Dogs
Data collecting study for dogs with Lyme nephritis or protein-losing enteropathy. tick-born lump renal disease active
Imaging Soft Tissue Sarcomas During Surgery
Clinical study to help improve detection of surgical margins during tumor removal. tumor cancer active
Tooth Resorption in Dogs
Study characterizing tooth resorption and the factors that contribute to it. active
Tooth Extractions in Dogs
Evaluation of osteoconductive or osteoinductive materials in bone formation of tooth extraction sites. tooth extraction active
New Insulin Combination for Dogs with Well-Regulated Diabetes
Study investigating Lispro insulin to be used in combination with traditional NPH insulin. active
Imaging Primary Lung Tumors During Surgery
Clinical study to help improve the detection of surgical margins in dogs with primary lung tumors. lymph node cancer active