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There's always a lot going on at New Bolton Center. Here's where you can get all the news and learn about events that are coming up.

New Bolton Center in the News

  • The Latest on Strangles in Horses

    The HorseSaturday, Dec 21, 2019
    Dr Ashley Boyle was interviewed about the latest detection methods and treatments for strangles, the most frequently diagnosed equine infectious disease in the world.
  • Is My Horse Neurologic or Lame?

    The HorseSaturday, Dec 21, 2019
    Dr Amy Johnson talks about gait-altering conditions such as EPM and Lyme disease.
  • Why Does My Horse Play With His Tongue?

    The HorseSaturday, Dec 21, 2019
    Dr Sue McDonnell weighs in on tongue rolling and why it happens
  • Figuring Out Limb Fractures in Horses

    The HorseSaturday, Dec 21, 2019
    Dr Dean Richardson sheds light on how veterinarians diagnose and treat different fractures.
  • Is My Horse Too Old for Colic Surgery?

    The HorseSaturday, Dec 21, 2019
    Dr Louise Southwood commented on a Penn Vet study looking at whether senior equines are at a higher risk when undergoing colic surgery than their younger counterparts.

New Bolton Center Press Releases

Status of Penn Vet Events

In accordance with the University's new mitigation practices in response to the Coronavirus disease, we ask that you please double-check whether or not an event is still being held or has been cancelled or rescheduled. Thank you.

First Tuesday Lecture Series

The First Tuesday Lectures are presented September through December, and March through June. During the series, faculty and clinicians at New Bolton Center share current information on topics of interest and relevance to horse owners and caregivers throughout the region.

The lectures take place in Alumni Hall from 6:30-7:30 pm the first Tuesday of the month. 

Seating is limited.