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Imagine Your Future

Your future as a vet is wide open.  Wonderfully so.

Veterinary medicine is changing, becoming broader.  As the rise of the One Health movement demonstrates, its relevance to human health is being recognized as never before.  The potential of our profession feels limitless. 

Yours does, too.  At Penn Vet we collaborate with our students to help them reach their full potential.  Your future can be as fulfilling as you imagine it to be.  We’re here to help you build a career to fit our changing profession and world by expanding your mind to the possibilities. 

And through Penn Vet Career Services, we'll connect you to resources, employers, alumni, and our digital employment board.

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Interested in learning more about what it's like to be a Penn Vet student?

We encourage you to imagine it in all of its rich possibilities.  What areas of veterinary medicine speak to you?  What kind of animals do you want to have in your care?  If research is your goal, which avenues intrigue you the most?  In which ones could you make the greatest contribution to your field?

Your career is yours to create.  At Penn Vet we’ll help you to shape it.  Crafting your career begins here.  

Leaving School With a Different Plan


Change in Plans

Recent graduate Sridhar Veluvolu, V’18, entered Penn Vet wanting to be a general practitioner. By the time he graduated, he had a different plan.  

Penn Vet Career Services

Penn Vet Career Services is open to students from all four years of their veterinary education, in all stages of career exploration.

The veterinary profession has evolved dramatically over the last decade, thanks in large part to developing technology. Job possibilities have grown proportionately. At Career Services, we provide tools to help you choose the career path that’s right for you, however you imagine it to be.

We don’t match our students with jobs, internships or externships. Instead, We offer a wide range of resources, services, workshops, and panels to help you achieve your goals:

Caryn Stivelman, Career Counselor

Focus: Meet Caryn Stivelman, Career Counselor

Caryn Stivelman, our Career Counselor, has a lot of experience in helping students achieve their career goals. 

"I help students achieve their goals by improving their resume skills, setting up mock interviews so they better understand how to conduct themselves when they are in that job interview situation, and talking them through their professional options to make sure they are not leaving out great opportunities."


What Career Services Offers

  • Resume Writing Workshop: We'll help you create a stand-out résumé that will work for you.
  • Mock Interview: If you've never been in a real job interview, the interview for the job of your dreams, here's where you can learn how to ask the right questions, come up with the best answers, and manage your stress level with poise and confidence.
  • Panel to demystify the matching process for internships: It's your fourth year and you've applied for an internship. Now everything rides on the matching process. False! You have all sorts of options available. Hosted by Dr. Evelyn Galban, this panel is a great resource to clarify the VRMP matching process.
  • Alumni Network: We can help you build a network of contacts through our Alumni Relations Office. We have alumni throughout the United States and the world in all sorts of fields, including industry, clinical care, academics, and government. We'll help you make the right connections. 

We connect you with valuable resources through collaborations with alumni, employers and community partners. 

Elizabeth Collins, VMD/MBA student

Focus: Student Experience

VMD/MBA Student Elizabeth Collins about working with Career Counselor Caryn Stilvelman:

"Having the opportunity to participate in a mock interview with Caryn Stivelman was an incredibly valuable experience in which I was able to not only practice answering interview questions, but also receive feedback on what worked well and what would work even better."

Additional Resources - Get a Job, Get Another Degree

Penn Vet Employment Board

Penn Vet manages the Veterinary Employment Bulletin Board, which provides information on job postings by area of specialty, region, or the type of employer (e.g., government, academia, private practice, industry). It's a great way to start thinking forward about your options after graduation.

Penn Vet Dual Degree Programs

The field of veterinary medicine offers a wide range of future opportunities, from clinical practice to bench research, epidemiology, food production systems and the economy, and pathology/diagnostics, among others. If you are looking to specialize beyond the VMD degree, you may want to consider our dual degree programs. 

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Salary Estimator

The salary estimator is a tool for veterinarians in their first six years after graduation from veterinary school.

Licensure Requirements

Here you will find the state of Pennsylvania’s information and guidelines regarding being licensed as a veterinarian in the state. 

State veterinary licenses are issued by the veterinary regulatory board or licensure entity within each state. Each state determines its specific prerequisites for licensure eligibility and requirements for licensure. Find out more about these requirements.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Read a breakdown of veterinary employment data in the United States.