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Coagulation in Septic Peritonitis in Dogs

Oct 3, 2016


  • New study of coagulation in septic peritonitis in dogs
  • Testing a heparin derivative that is anti-inflammatory without being anticoagulant
  • Financial incentive for owners who elect to enroll their pet

Study Description:

The SPOT (Septic Peritonitis ODSH Trial) study is a prospective, dose escalation, pilot study evaluating the therapeutic value of ODSH in dogs presenting with septic peritonitis. ODSH is a modified (desulfated) high molecular weight heparin. In murine (mouse) studies, ODSH has been shown to to neutralize the production of excess inflammatory molecules (histones and PF4) without causing a prolongation in PTT.

Patients enrolled in this study will receive up to 5 doses, based on PTT monitoring.  We expect that ODSH will be of clinical benefit in ameliorating this severe disease without causing bleeding. The results of this study may guide further research and treatment for this severe disease process.

Owner Benefits:

  • Serial PTT monitoring
  • 10-day recheck examination with surgeon
  • $1500 financial benefit off of final bill
  • Note this benefit will be applied after the 10 day recheck examination
  • Enrollment Criteria:
  • Spontaneously occurring, first time septic abdomen
  • Weight >5kg

For more information:

If you have any questions about a qualifying patient, please contact:

Dr. Katharine Mauro

Dr. Cynthia Otto