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Fosmidomycin Otic Trial for dogs

Aug 23, 2021
Dermatology is currently enrolling in a clinical trial evaluating a novel, topical antimicrobial for dogs with bilateral otitis. To qualify, dogs must have BILATERAL cocci OR cocci + rods otitis, and cannot have been treated with a topical otic medication within 7 days. Dogs who qualify will participate in three visits, have all diagnostic and treatment costs covered, and their owners will receive a $50 gift card for successfully completing the study.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Bilateral otitis, pure cocci or cocci+ rods
    • Greater than 2-5 cocci/HPF
    • Less than 5 yeast/HPF
  • Drug withdrawal
    • One week:
      • Topical otic products: topical steroids, topical antimicrobials, topical antifungals
    • Eight weeks:
      • Injectable steroids
    • Apoquel/Cyclosporine/Cytopoint
      • Allowed if taken for 30 days or more prior to enrollment

Study Requirements

  • Three visits at Penn Vet
    • At Day 0, at approx. 14 days, at approx. 28 days
  • Will be on a controlled, tapering course of prednisone during the duration of the study 
  • Owner ability to apply ear meds at home as instructed by clinician 
  • Owner ability to complete questionnaires as instructed by clinician 
  • No at-home cleaning or other otic products allowed 

Study Incentives

  • All appointment, diagnostic (culture and sensitivity, cytology, PE), and treatment costs covered by studies 
  • $50 Visa gift card upon successful completion 

Want to enroll?

To enroll a patient, please Contact Dr. Lindsey Citron at