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Flow Cytometry Core

The flow cytometry core housing our two units is located on the third floor of the Hill Pavilion and jointly managed under the School of Medicine Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Resource Laboratory (FCCSRL).

Contact Information

Charles "Hank" Pletcher, Jr.

SVM units

  • A BD FACS Canto was recently installed: FACSCanto II Flow Cytometry System is capable of detecting 6 fluorescence colors with dual laser (488nm and 633nm) excitation. The BD FACSCanto II boasts a new fluidic and optical design, which allows for high acquisition speed and low sample carryover. Fully digital electronics make for easier multicolor compensation.
  • The BD FACSCalibur is a two-laser (488nm and 635nm), four-color analog analyzer.

Please visit for information on rates, all locations and training, or call the core lab at 215.898.3528. Training is required before using the facility.

To further inquire about the services offered, training, and the fee structure by the FCCSRL, contact the Technical Director, Hank Pletcher, at 215.898.3528.